About Us

USD Naira is a daily exchange rate provider site. We deliver real time information on the trading deals around the world. We also make a conscious effort to keep you updated with the relevant news, opinions and articles surrounding the exchange market. Our news and articles convey the current innovations, laws, regulations, and financial movements made by concerned persons and bodies of the global market.

At USD Naira, we also have a strong network of Bureau de Change Exchangers that can source for funds (dollars, pounds, euros and other currencies) both locally and abroad. We act as an escrow system – a third party between registered currency exchanges and buyers to ensure transparency during Forex transactions.

Our escrow system protects both buyers and sellers as dealings would require agreements that would take effect only when specified conditions have been met. Our goal is to ensure that honest deals are made from both parties and that forex is made accessible to buyers.

Our mission is to provide quality info about the latest exchange rates and to ensure that fraudulent forex transactions stays as a thing of the past.