Export Documentation - Every document you need to export goods from Nigeria

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export documentation

Export Documentation in Nigeria

Exportation is a striving but challenging business to embark on in Nigeria. The process of getting required documents with a faint knowledge on how to go about it would leave one stressed out and frustrated. It is, therefore, necessary to get handful information on the documents you will need for exportation.

The Nigerian government has laid down the requirements and the consequences of defaulting could lead a massive loss of investments. The Export documentation needed are as follows:

  1. Commercial Invoice: This is a bill that contains information about the transaction, the description of the goods, the address of both parties (i.e the shipper and the seller), the delivery and payment terms. The Customs office gives the bill to a person or a corporation willing to export goods.
  2. Bill of Lading: A list of a ship’s cargo in the form of a contract given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods. There are two types of bill: the straight bill which is non-negotiable and a shipper’s bill which is negotiable can be bought, sold, and traded. A bill of lading is a legal document between the shipper of goods and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the goods being carried.
  3. Consular Invoice: This is a document that certifies a shipment of goods and shows information such as the consignor, consignee and value of the shipment. A consular invoice can be got through a consular representative of the country you're shipping to. The consular invoice is required by some countries to facilitate customs and collection of taxes.
  4. Certificate of Origin: A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. It also serves a declaration by the exporter.
  5. Inspection Certification: A document certifying that merchandise (such as perishable goods) was in good condition at the time of inspection, usually immediately prior to shipment. Pre-shipment inspection is requirement for importation of goods into many developing countries.
  6. Dock Receipt: A dock receipt in international shipping using sea freight is a document issued by a sea freight carrier to acknowledge receipt of sea freight shipment at the carrier’s shipping terminal. 
  7. Warehouse Receipt: A warehouse receipt is a document that provides proof of ownership of commodities (e.g., bars of copper) that are stored in a warehouse, vault, or depository for safekeeping. Warehouse receipts may be negotiable or non-negotiable.
  8. Destination Control Statement: This statement appears on the commercial invoice, ocean or air waybill of lading, and Shippers Export Declaration (SED) to notify the carrier and all foreign parties that the item may be exported only to certain destinations.
  9. Insurance Certificate: A certificate of insurance is a document used to provide information on specific insurance coverage. The certificate provides verification of the insurance and usually contains information on types and limits of coverage, insurance company, policy number, named insured, and the policies’ effective periods.
  10. Export License: Before you start any export business in Nigeria, it is advisable you obtain a license from relevant government agencies saddled with the issuance of licenses to exporters.
  11. Export Packing List: An export packing list accompanies the international shipment and is used to inform transportation companies about what they are moving as well as to allow the customer and others involved in the transaction to check what has been shipped against the proforma invoice.


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