How to Receive Money from Western Union

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Receive western Union


Image removed.You can receive money from many ways worldwide. Want to know how to receive money from Western Union? Here are some ways to pick up money through western union without stress:

Through a Western Union Agent

You can pick up money at any participating Agent location in the city selected by the Sender. Be sure to check the status of your money transfer using the MTCN number (this is the 10-digit reference code assigned to every single money transfer made) to be sure it is ready to pick up. To visit an agent location, open western union locator to find a location near you. Most agent locations are found in commercial banks in Nigeria. Complete the ‘To Receive Money Form’ at the Agent Location using printed capital letters using the sender's name, where money was sent from, test question and answer (if applicable), MTCN if required, Present ID and completed Form to the Agent Clerk (your government-issued ID where applicable). In order to receive the money, the Agent clerk will check your ID, sign the receipt and collect your money.

Receive Money from Western Union through a Mobile Phone

You can also receive money on our mobile phone using the Western Union mobile money transfer service. Depending on the services offered by your mobile service provider, you can use the money to pay bills, buy goods and services, purchase minutes, and withdraw cash. It is fast, easy, and convenient—for both you and your sender. All you need is a mobile wallet with a participating mobile service provider in your country. Ask your sender to choose ‘receiver’s mobile wallet’ as their payout option and make sure they have your correct mobile number with country code. Then, you will get a text message after the money is added to your wallet.

NOTE: Restrictions and Special Notes on receiving in Nigeria are:

  • Transactions above $10,000 US dollars or local equivalent must be reported to Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • Receivers must present correct Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  • Receivers must present a valid ID.
  • Pay without ID on the Test Question alone is forbidden in Nigeria.
  • Payments are made in Naira.

How to receive money from Western Union Through Quick Teller

  • To utilize the Quick Teller option, you log on to Here are the steps:
  • Search for Western Union – Receive Money on the tile
  • Sign up as a new user, if you do not have a Quickteller account
  • Select your bank
  • Under “Choose currency” select “Naira”
  • Click “Receive money now” and the Western Union – Receive Money data page opens
  • Enter the following details: First, the sender’s details-The MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and, Sender’s Country. Second, the receiver’s details- receiving account number (NUBAN only), receiving account type (current, savings or not sure), expected amount, receiving currency, first name (receiving account number) as it appears at your bank, surname (receiving account) as it appears at your bank, your mobile number  and the answer to test question as provided by the sender. Then, you confirm the details provided.

How to receive money from Western Union Through the bank

There are also benefits when using the banks but the requirements must be met to receive money. They are: The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), the expected amount, acceptable means of identification (usually government recognized ID), the receiver’s name, address and phone numbers, sender’s name and country (city to be included for transfers coming from the US and Mexico), test question and answer where applicable. You can further check your respective banks for more information.

  • Funds must be sent with Customer's First and last name which must match with Account Name
  • Amount Expected must be inputted in naira
  • The conversion rate is determined by Western Union, this can be confirmed from the sender of funds.


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