Importing Goods From China

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importing from china

There are many opportunities for importing goods from China to Nigeria. What goods meet the customer demand? Want to know what goods are prohibited for import in Nigeria? What are the cost and on and on? These questions are posed to solve the needs of potential entrepreneurs, with both small and large capital. Why China? China is one of the largest markets in the world for importation of different types of goods. Several Nigerian importers have got huge success from this enterprise by researching and going through the right processes of importing goods from China.

First of all, identify for goods that are market worthy. Do a thorough research on products that would have good market value. For instance, scarce products that move the market will produce amazing gains. China gadgets and accessories usually have a huge potential of being sold in Nigeria. Also, consumable products that are ordered regularly should be taken into consideration. It is noteworthy to mention that a successful business man/woman must study consumer demand. The demand of the products you tend to import should meet your expectations. For instance, shoes will always be worn but the type of shoe on popular demand should be your goal. Looking at seasonal products, one must be wise to utilize the market at that particular time and ensure that goods would not be delayed before the expected time of arrival. Hence, you need to keep up to date on current trends in Nigeria before importing goods from China. Furthermore, ensure your goods do not defy the law of the land. In this post, the list of prohibited goods are highlighted.

Another valid point is to search for and select a good supplier. Many suppliers are online but finding to right one is what matters. Things to deliberate on why choosing a supplier are their selling history and supplier ratings. The selling history is very important as you become familiar with the amount of goods they have sold online, the location of their customers, the feedback of their customers and the amount of experience they have gathered in the job. It is also worthwhile to go with suppliers that have high ratings to insure security. Always ensure you ask questions on the products like its availability in Nigeria; you also give room for negotiation. Sometimes there is free shipping for some products, enquire if he/she has such and negotiate the price if he/she does not have. Be sure to contact more than one suppliers to compare their prices.

The third point is where to find the possible suppliers. Some of the popular sites are and Aliexpress is considered a more protected site because you can get refunded if you do not receive the goods. Hence, you have to confirm you have the goods, before your supplier would be paid. There is also a tracker to track the movement of the item you intend to import. Alibaba is usually for a larger quantity of goods.

The outcome depends on how you use the website. There are many categories as much as you can find. You click on the product for the specific things that you want to import. Most times you receive your goods at the post office when you use AliExpress.

Note: Avoid spammers at all cost. Do not pay directly to the supplier. You can use PayPal account from AliExpress or GtB naira master card, UBA visa Africard which permits 100 dollars a month.Do not pay outside verified sites and carefully inspect the goods as soon as it arrives.

For a larger transfer, it is advisable to get a domiciliary account. The article clearly explains the procedures of obtaining one. Another option is by multiple cards to get more goods. However, if you are going for a larger quantity, contact an efficient shipping company to deliver your goods appropriately.


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