Pay for Goods and Services that Cost above $100 from Nigeria

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pay for 100 usd goods

How to Pay for Goods and Services that Cost above 100 usd from Nigeria

$100 is the highest amount of money used to purchase goods and services abroad in a month if you are using the ATM cards, under the directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Are you wondering how to exceed this limit? Read on the different ways to pay for goods and services above 100usd from Nigeria as discussed in this post. Look for the one that most suits you.

The first one would be using Western Union. The different ways of using Western Union Money Transfer(through the agent location, through the online western union money transfer and through Quickteller) have made transactions relatively fast and convenient. Do well to ask your supplier or potential investor if he/she would accept this medium. This is because not all the suppliers accept this mode of payment.

The second is the use of Moneygram to pay for goods and services that cost above 100usd in Nigeria. The Moneygram Money Transfer locations are within close range as they are usually located at banks worldwide. There are different ways of sending moneygram - either going in person to a bank, or directly to the person's account or through the online money transfer. You will also need to inquire if the seller would subscribe to this mode of payment before starting any process.

The third is paying through Bitcoins. Yes! Bitcoins Digital Money Transfer is the new money recognized globally. Some international sellers do accept bitcoins as it is faster than others. With the constant appreciation in the price of bitcoins, more people are buying into this idea. It is necessary for potential buyers to be in line with the constant global change happening all over the world. However, be sure your supplier would want this transaction.

Using a domiciliary account is another way you can transfer funds above $100. You can open a domiciliary account at the bank of your choice. Click on this link to know how to open a domiciliary account and transfer money overseas. The inflow mode of money transfer affords one to transfer any amount you want while cash deposit allows up to 10,000 dollars in a day.

You can also request to break down into more than one payments. This means that you ask if the seller would accept payments from two sources, other than one. Thus, you can send larger amount of money from two or more different accounts. However, you must ensure the transactions are done successfully in order to secure trust.



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