Western Union Exchange Rate

Western Union Rate Today

See latest Western Union Rates for03/09/2018 . You can also compare the changes in Western Union Rates in other tables below.
Western Union Exchange Rate Today
Date Euro (€) GBP (£) USD ($)
400.543 447.347 348.574
402.961 449.385 348.574
404.412 449.938 348.574

Previous Western Union Rates

The table below gives the previous Western union exchange rate in Naira. You can also compare prices and rates from dollars to pounds and also euro.
Western Union Rate earlier in the week
Date USD ($) GBP (£) Euro (€)
348.574 444.515 403.928
348.574 445.309 403.410
348.574 442.822 401.338
348.574 442.615 398.712
348.574 445.965 400.578
348.574 445.516 399.576
348.574 440.162 394.982
352.337 439.091 392.910
352.337 438.573 391.908
352.337 439.299 391.804

How to send money with Western Union

Thinking of sending money abroad? You can send money via western union to anyone in minutes. Please see our guide on how to send money via western union.Western Union also offers the ability to track and monitor the status of your money transfer.You will be charged between 370 and 380(not inclusive of charges) when sending money with your Credit Card via direct bank deposit.

Please note that some banks such as GT Bank in Nigeria do not offer sending as an option.You can only receive.You can send western union via access bank, in addition to other Nigerian banks, offering the service.

Western Union Rate (Sending)

If you are sending money from Nigeria (using Nigerian Naira), you will be charged an amount that is higher than the rate at the black market. This amount varies from bank to bank so we can not provide exact figures.


Previous Western Union Rates

The table below provides historical Western union rates
Historical Western Union Rates
Date USD ($) GBP (£) Euro (€)
352.337 442.995 398.160
352.337 444.964 401.027
352.337 446.863 400.612
352.337 447.002 398.989
352.340 448.690 399.470
352.337 449.558 400.094
352.337 453.357 402.754
352.337 453.115 403.790
352.337 453.599 404.308
352.337 451.941 402.409
352.337 454.958 402.098
352.337 458.013 405.137
353.225 456.381 403.479
353.225 454.819 403.790
353.225 455.722 404.723

About Western Union Exchange

Western Union is the largest provider of international money transfers in the world, boasting of more than 500,000 agent locations worldwide and a wealth of transfer options. Western Union makes it quick, easy and affordable to send money overseas.

Here in Nigeria you can send and receive money through western union. The exchange rate you will be charged while sending will depend on the prevailing market rates.This page provides the latest Western Union Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate on a daily basis.
See Current Western Union Rates Below.

How to receive money using Western Union.

Do you wish to receive money in Nigeria via western union, Please see our article on how to receive western union.

As mentioned earlier western union receiving rates are lower than sending rates. Typically, sending rates are usually higher than the black market rates for obvious reasons

See western union receiving rates in the table above.

Benefits of Sending Money Via Western Union


  • It is a simple, fast and secure process.Get your money in minutes.
  • It supports multiple currencies
  • There are no hidden fees
  • Multiple transfer and pick up options.You can send funds using cash or a debit card, credit card,or from your bank account.You can also send online ,over the phone or by visiting a branch. There are also several ways in which your recipient can access the funds you send.


  • Maximum transfer amount. The maximum amount you can send online with Western Union is USD 7,500 dollars or pounds or Euros ; if you wish to send a larger amount you will need to sign up for an online FX account.

Western Union Fees for Sending Money

To send 1000 usd via Western Union, you will be charged a fee of  about $5 when you pay through your bank account.If you decide to pay using credit card, you will be charged about $30.

Cash Pickup at agent's location attracts a fee of $49usd when sending 1000usd. If you are sending 5000 usd, you will be charged a fee ranging from 5 usd to 165 usd depending on the payment method you choose.See Screenshot below.

Western Union Limits

Your sending limit will depend on the following factors

  •     Your transfer history
  •     Your location
  •     Your receiver’s location
  •     The service you choose
  •     Your payment method
  •     Agent location limits
  •     Country receive limits

For majority of the users, you will be able to send up to 7,500 in Euros, Dollars or Pounds. There is also provision to send more than 10,000usd but that depends on the factors outlined above.


Western Union Frequently Asked Questions

No.Some banks like GTB only offer receiving service.Check with your bank to confirm.

It depends on the amount and mode of payment.You can send up to $5,000 for a fee as low as $5.See our section on sending fees above.

Receiving is completely free.No charges.

Western Union Limit is currently set at 7,500usd for most customers.

There is no maximum receive amount.